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Cayan Group Strengthens its Contribution to the Humanitarian Sector Signs a strategic agreement with “Patients Friends Committee” in Riyadh


ayan Group, the leading property developer in the Middle East, has signed a strategic care agreement with ‘Patients Friends Committee’ Riyadh, in the context of twinning philanthropic strategy between both parties.

Representing the mutual trust between them since 2014, This step underlines Cayan’s belief in the importance of the company’s contribution to society, and further cements their commitment to a culture of social responsibility by supporting patients in need and dedicating themselves to become an effective presence in the field of humanitarian and charity work. The agreement includes several items to provide support and assistance and the adoption of four programs which provide a range of benefits to patients in need.

Chairman of Cayan Group, Mr. Ahmed Al Hatti, who represented Cayan at the signing ceremony, commented on the agreement saying, “We at Cayan, see it as our duty to contribute to social responsibility.

By signing this agreement, we confirm the importance of our role in social responsibility, our contribution with other institutions in the development of awareness of a socially responsible culture, and a commitment to our employees who are involved in all the programs sponsored by the group and who willingly participate in community service knowing that it is not the responsibility of economic entities alone, but is also the responsibility of able-bodied individuals like themselves. It is no wonder that all members of our group are racing to contribute to this noble goal. We invite all business sectors to play their role in serving the community by activating social responsibility departments and cooperating with the most credible and transparent organizations whose work has translated to real benefits on the ground.

Policies and strategies rooted in social responsibility also have the effect of raising the level of competition between business sectors in order to achieve the objectives of social development. This also in line with our religious teachings.” About choosing, ‘Patients Friends Committee’ as a partner in this strategic agreement, Hatti referred to the organization as having “Proven implementation of programs in a way that serves sick and needy people while providing us with the ability to monitor and transparent final reports of what is being disbursed from the support provided to them, as well as always inviting us to participate in visits to patients and hospitals.

The organization gives us a chance to stand up for ourselves and get involved in the noble humanitarian role of community service, especially involving the participation of women in the program who volunteered to visit patients in need during Ramadan and Thu Alhijjah seasons. This is what created our full trust and lead us to choose them. We are convinced of the renewal of the agreement between us and will continue to support the organization and help her patients.

” The General Secretary of the ‘Patients Friends Committee’, Mr. Fahd bin Ahmed Saleh, who represented the organization in signing the agreement, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for Cayan and its chairman Mr. Al Hatti, who has provided continuous and permanent support for the organization and its patients during the past three years through agreements that have been signed. He praised the good and extreme diligence of Cayan Group who have embodied their great role of doing community service by joining in the visitation of the sick and providing for their needs.

He added, “The continued cooperation with our supporters strengthens the strategic partnership and sustainability in the implementation of programs that serve patients in all regions of the Kingdom.

’’ It is worth mentioning that this agreement includes four programs which include visits to the sick, securing devices and medical equipment the patient cannot obtain, providing ‘Aidyat’ in-patient in the hospital during the days of the month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha, and aiding in the transportation of patients to dialysis centers covering more than 20 hospitals and medical centers while providing free accommodation to patients outside Riyadh.

The agreement also intends to build awareness and education of the most widely spread and important diseases through benefactors, individual supporters, and the provision of services to people with special needs in government hospitals and hospital rehabilitation at the King Fahd Medical City, along with the seasonal program, ‘Ramadan’s basket.’

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