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We believe in giving

Cayan Foundation - Cayan Group

It is our responsibility to endorse a CSR program that will not only impact the prosperity of the company’s work force and the local community, but will surpass it to touch the lives of different societies and cultures.

At Cayan Group, CSR and philanthropy is not merely perceived as a duty and an obligation, it is a passion that we pursue to console the under privileged and to embrace actions responsible for benefiting the environmental, humanitarian and social welfare. Cayan Foundation Center emphasizes the significance of CSR and has thus established a clear vision to instill values of altruism and social responsibility among its employees.

The objective of “Cayan Foundation” is to organize socially responsible activities and encourage our team to participate and give more. This initiative was established mainly by Cayan family who did huge efforts to support Cayan Foundation and contribute to the welfare of the society.

Our Vision

Enriching our community through innovative initiatives which add value to our community members.

Our Mission

To contribute to the welfare of the society through initiating various charity programs and campaigns.


Ahmed M. Alhatti - Cayan GroupWhen “Cayan Foundation” was created more than 7 years ago our goal was simple.. To create meaningful change in the community we care about deeply.

Cayan Group family became part of “Cayan Foundation” and together we believe in taking chances on creative thinking, supporting the unusual approaches and stand beside the deprived. This approach has become a driving force for our funding, and has shaped the contributions we give, the projects we seek, and the outcomes we have seen from our support.

We were reluctant to mention such activities, but as per the advises we received from our consultant and lawyers; they highly recommended communicating these initiatives as this will encourage others and prove our commitment to our society.

We partner with groups that embrace innovation and get excited by new ways to draw a smile and solve problems. These characteristics are our mark to push social change forward, whether they are big or small, regional or worldwide.

We are excited to find new ways to support causes that can truly change the world. We are proud of our partners and the work that they do to make our world a better place, and look forward to continuing to take risks for big change in the Gulf Region and beyond.



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