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Our Story

From humble beginnings

CMC Tower - Cayan Group
Cayan Group has evolved into one of the most compelling and successful Real Estate Developers in the Middle East. We’ve developed some of the most amazing projects in the world, achieving acclaim Internationally. Cayan Group holds offices around Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, UAE and the impact of our work spans even further. We have significant experience building high-rise structures, including residential complexes, commercial towers, multi-purpose gated communities, and hospitality projects. Originally conceived in 2004, we’ve never stopped growing, from the first day that we began developing our vision. With lofty goals, an incredible team, and a constant devotion to quality, we’ve managed to achieve next-level satisfaction for our customers – something that has allowed us to earn and keep a reputation for excellence in the marketplace.

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OUR Values

Nourishing our
mind, spirit, & heart


We find better solutions, we think outside the box to create our landmark Real-Estate developments by seeking new state-OF-THE-ARTIDEAS.

Integrity and Loyalty

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards. That's why we don't settle for anything less than the best. Because we believe in being the leaders in our field, we can give our customers something that they can't access anywhere else in the marketplace.


We maintain a high standard of success for all cultures and societies in our midst. We believe that real estate should benefit the surrounding community, not impede upon it.

Social Responsibility

We're committed to a constant process of social responsibility, focused on consistent economic development, and a persistent devotion to managing the well-being of our employees, and their families.


We ensure excellence in everything we do. Our practices and performances throughout all operations are measured by the highest standards, to meet stakeholder expectations. Excellence defines every aspect of our identity as a growing brand.

Awe-inspiring world

We strive to be the best among our peers, leading the industry by fusing architecture and art together into wonderful results. Our innovative Real-estate projects leave customers, and viewers around the world in awe, and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.


Real estate initiatives that bring value

We aim to identify, plan develop, deliver and manage landmark real estate projects that leverage our capabilities, knowledge and creativity adding value for our stakeholders.

We collaborate with

The best architects, contractors, and consultants

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