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Merging tradition
with modernity

Creativity is boundless. Through its eyes, we can reflect on the past and look forward to the future, learning how to translate the present into real solutions…solutions that match our ambitions and headline our dreams. Joury, an integrated community located within the future expansion of the city of Qassim and offers a high-level lifestyle with distinctive features.

Residential Joury

Realizing Dreams and Aspirations

Joury, includes a range of different land sizes to cater real residential needs, offer varying areas and facilities, and provide exceptional quality in infrastructural requirements – essential for supporting a full-fledged, modern residential project within a framework of elegance and serenity.

Joury includes advanced and integrated infrastructure services that would be ready to support a residential structure and modern facilities located in a safe and calm environment and serve your needs as well as your family’s. The project will include basic primary facilities, as well as complementary and recreational facilities, as you will find facilities such as residential and commercial units, schools, markets, mosques, green spaces, outdoor sports equipment, sports and bike and jogging lanes. Joury consists of several neighborhoods: AlOrjuwan, Tulip, Orchid and AlNarjis.

Commercial Joury

Investment and Construction

Joury includes different mixed-use commercial lands, where successful, vital, and practical commercial projects are an integral part of Joury and are distributed throughout it according to the basic needs of the residents and will be designed and established to the highest standards.

Joury project includes the mall of the Arabian Centers, one of the largest malls in the Qassim region, where the total leasable area is more than 65,000 square meters and will include more than 135 shops.

The presence of the mall in the project will enhance the quality of life for the residents as the mall includes a variety of entertainment elements, including bowling, cinemas and other components.


Joury your new destination?

Joury provides a unique, modern, and integrated lifestyle to enjoy the life you deserve, as it includes many high quality and unique facilities within different and large areas, to suit all tastes to make your stay in Joury comfortable and convenient. Joury was designed with the highest levels to be the ideal choice for housing in Alqassim and to suit the different needs of the population.



Project Type

Mixed- use development


Under Construction


AlQassim. Saudi Arabia

Type Of Units

Residential and commercial plots


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