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Cayan Homes announced the opening of second branch office in the jewels tower, dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


he continual growth of Cayan Homes Real Estate Broker, the well-known and member of Cayan Group who has more than 14 years in the industry of Real Estate Development, the developer of non-other than the iconic Cayan Tower. Earlier this year on March they Announced the Opening of the second branch in addition to their office in Cayan Tower, Dubai Marina.

Cayan Homes’ new location is located at Ground floor in The Jewels Tower, Dubai Marina and they operate from Saturday to Thursday from 9AM to 6PM.

Cayan Homes is known for their unique range of innovative services such as Sales, Leasing and Property Management as well specialized in real estate marketing, Cayan Homes is confident that the cross pollination of their offices in Dubai will not only serve Dubai buyers looking for property in UAE but also assist all tourists and foreign investors looking for the right and smart investment.

Cayan Homes’ solutions and exclusive approach set itself apart from all other real estate brokerage firms. The company is known for its ability to provide the most exclusive and integrated services in the real estate market, reinforced by the distinctive privileges the Cayan Group offers to clients.

Cayan Homes

Designated as the service provider for sales, leasing, and property management, this business unit will not only pursue the brokerage services of Cayan Development’s product inventory, but in addition will actively seek to (a) re-sell properties within existing Cayan developments, (b) oversee product inventory of 3rd party developments where Cayan have either exclusive access or partial access to domestic sales/leasing mandates and (c) product inventory of 3rd party developments where Cayan have either exclusive access or partial access to international sales/leasing mandates.

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